Irene, small business owner in SC

(May 2017) I came to Business of Life Seminar with my family. I felt it was important for my children and us to learn entrepreneurship that we had never been taught. Josh’s examples and interaction was amazing. The kids (ages 19-12) all came home with business ideas and the blinders on my eyes were removed. Excited to see what happens over the next few months! Can’t wait to start seeing all the opportunities we missed.

Noah, age 14

(May 2017)   I was really excited to come to Josh’s conference to learn why we were taught wrong and how to fix it. Josh definitely taught me that and completely changed my thoughts on how to be successful. I realized I don’t have to go to college to be a success like I thought, and that simple ideas can easily be profitable. It just has to be the RIGHT idea. His conference really changed my mindset and got my gears turning on how to make money. I also learned that I need an exit plan on every business I start, and start as many businesses as you can.

Don, small business owner in Wisconsin

(May 2017)  I’ve read dozens of “business” and leadership books. Josh’s program will not only change your perspective business, it will change your life. Invest in you, invest in your business, invest in your marriage, invest in your children! Take the class as soon as you can.