10-Step Business Tune-Up


10-Step Business Tune-Up


For 10 sessions, Josh Tolley will be boosting businesses in the St. Louis area. Over the 10 Sessions, participants will literally watch their business transform and increase in both revenue and ideas like never before.* 

Lessons & Business Building Topics:

Session 1 - The Meaning of Life
Session 2 - Value, Pricing, & Your Competition
Session 3 - How the Mind Works
Session 4 - Branding, Advertising & Marketing
Session 5 - Sales
Session 6 - Communication, Body Language & the Female Advantage
Session 7 - Profit Partners & Laddering
Session 8 - Public Relations & Beliefs
Session 9 - Alternative Routes to Target & Alternative Currencies
Session 10 - Imagination & Leadership

*Location details disclosed only to attendees.

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Stop Selling - Start Selling

With 83% of businesses failing and the owners not really sure why, a serious measure of help is needed to boost our business economy again in this nation.  Most managers and salespeople have been to classic sales training all to be hyped up for a short moment but then fall back into the routine of sales declines thereafter.  Obviously those sales trainings didn't work and it's time to get something that does!

Josh Tolley is an entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of businesses from small mom-&-pop shops to nationwide franchises recover and begin bringing in millions of dollars in sales.  His sales training works! Josh gives real, practical advice with interactive meetings, exercises that challenges the best of salespeople, and practical tools that have increased revenue by $150,000 literally overnight.

In this 10-week course, business owners are going to be taught how to effectively market their business, how to revamp current internal systems, and how to stop selling the wrong way and start selling the right way. If you are honest with yourself that it's time for a change in your business flow, this S4 class is about to change your life. Guaranteed.