(Purple Monkey University) Business of Life - DVD / Workbook

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PMU BOL Course Package.jpg

(Purple Monkey University) Business of Life - DVD / Workbook


Josh Tolley has been leading and training businesses for over ten years. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from his insight and the students of his courses have made millions of dollars. More importantly though, their lives have changed for the better. Improved marriages, more free time, family improvements are just some of the additional benefits that are common. 

Purple Monkey University,  subsidiary of Purple Monkey Garage, Josh's consultancy practice, and it is the response to people around the world who have been asking Josh to put some of his training online. Covering every topic in business from the usual marketing, branding, and advertising; to topics you wouldn't expect like: working with friends/family, laddering a conversation, strategic planning, profit partners, imagination, and so much more!

There are 52 lessons in all with associated (optional but recommended) coursework that will put you in a different state of mind regarding helping your current business career and/or starting a new one successfully.


For the Business of Life - Monthly Course, starting at $50/mo for weekly lessons in your inbox, CLICK HERE.

For the Business of Life Months 1-6 all up-front and together, CLICK HERE. (Months 7-12 can be purchased separately.)

For the Business of Life Workbook and DVD-set version which you can study in-hand, preorder is now available for those at the same retail price of the entire course! Watch the DVDs in the comfort of your own home alongside the handy & creative workbook designed just for your practical learning needs. 

CLICK BELOW for that brand new Business of Life package, which will be shipped out by the expected March 2018.
(Includes a 160+page workbook and 12-DVD set.)

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