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Finding the Best Position for Your Business:  Too often we stay where we start, not only in physical location but also in location inside our industry and the #1 way to have the fastest and most foundational positive shift in your business is to find just a better place in your industry, in your marketplace by just changing what is already in front of you.

New Avenues of Income: Most successful businesses find they end up making more money doing something related to what they do than they do actually in their 'primary' efforts. Hotels, teachers, retail outlets, sales people, manufacturing, transportation are just some of the examples of industries where we leave money on the table by being simply missing the obvious.

Sales: Today people doing the selling don't like the sales process and people doing the buying don't like the sales process. Sadly, most of the sales training on the market just makes that already ugly interaction even worse. It is time to break that trend and realize EVERYONE is a sales person and you don't have to be slimy or fearful of doing the very thing that determines your success.

From Buzz to Bucks: We will examine some awesome and creative ways to get people interacting with your business, generating buzz about your business, but most importantly; how to turn that buzz into revenue. Too often we see businesses do something to generate attention yet the attention fails to generate income, we will change that.

Fixing Existing Problems: Now that we have a bit of solid foundation building we have the safety to start treating some of the existing problems in your business. Debt, Employees, Time Management, etc.  Whatever it is that your particular business is being held back by, we will take on those problems and turn them into victories.

Marketing and Advertising 201: Everyone knows (or should know) the difference between Marketing and Advertising. We will now examine what venues work AND what presentations work inside those venues. From a deep understanding of how people's minds work, the effectiveness in advertising can make or break a business.

Sales 2.0: By this point it has been four months since we covered sales. With sales being the most important yet the most feared part of business; we will hit it again, going deeper than before and even taking what you have been doing in the past for months and improving it. 

Putting Together an Actual Strategic Plan: This is the road map! Too often businesses start with the goal of starting and then one, five, or twenty years go by and they don't know how to move on because there has never been a plan for growth but more often than not, a plan for survival. This is the time we outline that plan so you don't feel like the business owns you, but you once again own it.
Becoming a Person of Increased Influence: When the number one fear in this country is the fear of speaking to other people, there is not one person reading this sentence which will not benefit from learning how to be a better conversationalist, a more influential person, and a person to gets more of what they want more often.

Branding and Internet Efforts: With the last class we will cover internet specific issues like social media, SEO, and websites. Closely related to those issues is your company's branding and since this is the last class it is an appropriate time to secure your brand and you take that next leap into the world. Branding is so important and is one of the leading differences between the businesses that make great profits and those who don't.


Sparta, WI

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Josh Tolley

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