Purple Monkeys... 

Where we "Fix Businesses and Restore Lives", the name actually comes from when a man appeared with knife in hand, 
ready to kill Josh in front of a restaurant. In order to create a split-second more time for Josh to move, he yelled at the man, 
"Purple Monkeys eat Blue Bananas!!"
That extra time fronted by a 'deer in the headlights' look gave Josh what he needed to take then knife and save
his own life. Now the "Purple Monkeys" are saving a whole lot of other lives as well. 


   Purple Monkey Garage

Where every business acquires the necessary training and help to move from where they are to where they want to be. Individual PMG "Mechanics" are ready to help rebuild businesses across the country. 

Services Provided Nationwide:

  • 52-Point Business Assessment
  • Business of Life 2-day seminar 
  • 10-Session Business Tune-Up
  • Personalized Coaching & Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship Training

  Purple Monkey University

Where everybody learns the powerful skills of entrepreneurship from the comfort of their own home. One course per week, optional coursework - people are learning life and entrepreneurship as they go.

Courses Offered:

  • Business of Life
    • 52 classes on entrepreneurial skills such as: History of Money, Debt Creation, Wealth, the Meaning of Life, Communication Laddering to Win Arguments, Advertising vs. Marketing, Which Business to Start, Imagination, Creativity, Branding, Work w/ Family and/or Friends, Retirement, and SO MUCH MORE!! 
  • Quill Tips - How to Write a Book Successfully
  • The Meaning of Life - How to find out what really fulfills YOU in life as a person
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