Purple Monkey Garage is a branch off Purple Monkey Garage, Josh's consultancy practice, and it is the response to people around the world who have been asking Josh to put some of his training online.

Josh has been leading and training businesses for over ten years. Tens of thousands of people have benefited from his insight and the students of his courses have made millions of dollars. More importantly though, their lives have changed for the better. Improved marriages, more free time, family improvements are just some of the additional benefits that are common. 


What is Business of Life

  • 52+ weeks of top-level business training
  • Suitable for everyone from New Startup Ideas to Fortune 500 CEOs
  • The most comprehensive business training available online in the view of many
  • The same incredible content Josh has been using to train successful business owners around the world
  • 30 minute video lessons, coursework, real world interviews, and behind-the-scenes video footage
  • Online community for networking and support
  • At $12.50 per lesson, it’s affordable enough for everyone to participate.
  • It’s an investment your life and business can’t afford to miss out!.
I have been to the ‘experts’ like Tony Robbins, I have had a professional business coach, and I’m part of a national franchise. I have learned more from Josh than all those previously mentioned.
— - Myrissa, Anytime Fitness Owner

How Does It Work?

  1. Watch the Courses - A new video is released every week and each video is approximately 30 min long.
  2. Do the Coursework - The coursework is designed to reveal ineffective business practices and provide you with a new set of tools to utilize in your business/life going forward.
  3. Implement the Lessons - As you put these tried and true business techniques into use, you will experience personal and financial growth.
  4. Get Involved- You will gain exclusive access to the Purple Monkey University tribe on Facebook. This will allow you to collaborate, network, and promote each other’s products and services!
  5. Comment/Share Feedback - Your success is our only goal and your feedback is invaluable to us for the success of this program.
“Josh’s teachings have opened my eyes to possibilities I didn’t even know existed. His insight and real-world experience has transformed my outlook on how I spend my time and how finances work. Attending Josh’s seminar is the best investment I have EVER made.”
— Jamie, Small Business Owner

Sponsor a Veteran

Purple Monkey University, in association with Purple Monkey Garage and the Josh Tolley Show, are seeking help to give away $1.2 Million in entrepreneurship training to our vets. To find out how you can help a veteran while you help yourself, click here.


**Purple Monkey University is obviously not an actual university (thankfully). While official universities are accredited as schools of higher education, Purple Monkey University is instead the home of practical education that has been proven to work for us and others who have used our information in their lives and businesses. While noboby (including actual accredited universities) can guarantee the teachings will work for you, we do hope that they will be a source of information that assists you in your pursuits.