Let me tell you about our friends:

  • Over 20 years experience leading their segment of the industry
  • Unquestionable integrity and accountability
  • Yearly EBITDA of over $3 million
  • Over 50% growth in the past two quarters alone
  • Has a proprietary system which speeds up production, reducing production time by 90%!
  • ISO certification which is of the highest standard ensuring little competition
  • Open P.O. with customers for over $15 million in annual projected revenue
  • Positioned greatly in aviation, drone, and defense
  • Skilled workforce looking to stay on to ensure profitability 
  • Current owner willing to stay on for six months providing a smooth transition
  • Currently the sole manufacturer for needed parts for the aviation industry!

What our friend is looking for:

  • 100% buy-out
  • Domestic firm preferred
  • Interested and capable buyer ensuring a smooth negotation 

Our Role:

As a friend in business we are not a business broker. Josh Tolley, as one of the leading business trainers in the world, makes a great many friends seeking to grow, expand, merge or sell their business. It provides us with a proprietary deal flow and a great friend to VCs, Private Equity, and Institutional investors. 

Typically, our business friends secure our services to assist in decision-making processes, evaluate options, and aid in negotiations while keeping transactions quiet and exclusive.