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Self-Employed Homeschoolers - Fall Creek Falls, TN
to Mar 11

Self-Employed Homeschoolers - Fall Creek Falls, TN

"Self-Employed Homeschoolers"

With the importance of raising the next generation with an entrepreneurial mindset, this homeschooling event in Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee has Josh Tolley on the featured speaker list.  Homeschooling parents and children alike are welcome to tap into a whole new way of growing up to think "outside the [proverbial] box."  Josh has new entrepreneurial ways of motivating children, connecting them with their highest giftings and potential, and using life to teach them more than a textbook ever will.  Kids have so much to work with when starting a new business; this is the way to teach them what life is all about. 

Join us and learn!

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Fall Creek Falls, TN
March 9-11, 2017

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