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Logic - Reason - Strategy

"We started making money just on the announcement that we were going to carry The Josh Tolley Show.  Not only is that unheard of but the money we were making was at three times our normal rate" WDKM
Radio Broadcasting

"Within just a couple weeks people have already come all the way down to Chile because of advertising on the show"  - Galt's Gulch Chile 
Real Estate Development and Sales

"In the first couple weeks alone we were getting leads. We already have had 15 or so leads in under two months"  - Spin Streak 
Franchise Sales

"In under 3 months The Josh Tolley Show has delivered sales of over 10,000 units"  - World Coin
International Currency Alternative

Social Marketing and Internet Advertising:   Your customer hates it just as much as you!  First, social marketing really isn't advertising, at best it is customer retention. Worse yet, only a small fraction of your followers will ever see the post and over 80% of social media users are now deleting businesses from their follow lists because people hate it as much as you do.  Same is true with pop ups, your customers will spend money on pop up blockers to avoid having to see you.

Search Engine Optimization:   Search engines deliver your customer to you and your competition regardless of how high you are ranked. People use search engines because you failed to advertise properly, making them aware of you, and keeping them from searching in the first place.  SEO is NOT advertising, it is a fishing net to maybe catch some left overs.  Once your customer goes to a search engine the potential for you to control the exchange disappear.  What if your competition has a cooler site, a color car you don't have, or more selection.  You don't even get the chance to interact.

The Josh Tolley Show:   Customers don't turn the channel because they are listening to a conversation.  The ability for you to create an imaginative campaign is possible, something impossible with most other forms of marketing.  The facts are amazing!

  • Over 100,000 followers on social media
  • Audience in all 50 states and 160 countries
  • 3.5 MILLION viewers alone
  • Options like interviews, product placement, customer interaction, trade show and event broadcasts, event sponsorship, multi-media platform exposure and so much more
  • Rates that are more affordable and more creative than any other option available to you! 
  • The demographics are perfect!  25-55 years old, 51% male 49% female, secondary education, home owners, multi-car, multi-kid, vacationing people who love to learn!

If you take your business seriously, you seriously need to work withThe Josh Tolley Show!

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As a business owner/manager you know it is important to invest in advertising.  The key to advertising is getting the most exposure to the right demographic for the best rate.

Newspapers:   Revenue for newspapers is falling for the simple reason that not only is readership falling due to the internet but even when people do read the paper they do not remember the ads they are viewing.  This is one of the worst places to advertise.

Billboards:   Can you name 10 billboards you have seen today? You are exposed to over 12,000 branded images a day.  We know now that billboard advertising is not making the connection to customers it once was and a billboard cannot talk to your customer directly.

Direct Mail:   You hate getting junk mail and so do your customers. Why do we think that sending customers something they hate is a great way to gain their business.  Not only that, but most of it just goes where you put your junk mail...the trash can.

T.V.:   What do you do when a commercial comes on, you turn the channel or get out of the room.  Worse yet, your customers now buy DVR devices for the purpose of avoiding your advertising.  Still think it is smart to advertise where a customer is willing to spend money to avoid you?